Monday, 21 February 2011

TOPSHOP Unique A/W11

After watching the show for Unique yesterday I was left with mixed feelings, not only was I left feeling slightly unimpressed by the pieces, but with ideas for what Autumn/Winter could look like with a little modification...

There seems to be a lot of 101 Dalmations-esque prints and furs filling the collection and Mary Jane heels teamed with patterned tights and knee high socks. Knee high socks teamed with heels is something I've wanted to do for quite some time, but haven't found the right pair to practise with. This collection has deemed it a good idea for me to try the style not only with knee high socks but with patterned tights underneath also.

Further items to come of the catwalk once again are maxi skirts and dresses, things that I haven't tried and probably don't have the confidence to. The furthest I will consider is a light summer maxi dress, and even then, my social calendar doesn't often call for the elegance needed to pull off the look. I imagine myself wearing a maxi dress abroad, sipping cocktails by the poolside whilst watching evening entertainment, as opposed to in a nightclub, seeing how many tequila slammers I can drink before I pass out.

I'm pleased that the show has offered another season of affordable fur coats, but I would prefer to snatch a vintage buy on Brick Lane. It also looks like another chance for those who bought a jumpsuit for AW 2010 to rewear them, although for those of us without long gazelle-like legs, it may be a better idea to buy a romper and save the wide legged variety for those with the correct altitude.

Bold yellows seem to be a follow through from this S/S, so it may be an investment worth making if you can pull off yellow. I've never seen myself as being the yellow type but you never know, if the right thing catches my eye...

Blouses, probably my favourite thing to continue from A/W 10 to A/W 11. Blouses are just so versatile; they can be worn for work and play, I like to mix mine up with a high waisted mini skirt and wedges, or glam a cream pussybow blouse, black skinny jeans, black blazer and ballet pumps.

Peter Pan collars! My current lust, I cannot fathom how much I am loving them at the moment. Sometimes I wonder if anybody else gets as excited as me if they see an item of clothing, be it top, dress or coat, with a Peter Pan collar whilst shopping?!

Black and white seem to be ruling A/W with black tie swagger. The fringed showgirl dress, pictured below, looks to me as if it has been inspired from an old 1920's flapper number.

The only problem I envisage is the lack of neutral colours; nude, camels and creams were by far my favourite colours for the past season and it seems difficult to face a future without these comfort colours as I am forced to break into bold block colourings for S/S and return to the deep burgundys, aubergines and phthalo greens seen back in A/W 09.


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  1. i love how the furs are used here! definitely unique!

  2. Yes, it's definitely a different spin on wearing fur, particularly the off shoulder/elbow fur wrap, and the mix of both patterned clothes and patterned fur.

  3. love this post! i prefer patterned opaques under knee socks, especially as i'm not particularly a fan of my legs, it's a lot less shocking than thick black socks and very white legs lol! cute blog! xx

  4. I think this collection is amazing. Have a look at my blog, I am doing a giveaway! It ends on the 1st of march.

  5. Thanks girls! I will take a look at your giveaway and blog Stacey.

  6. Amazing outfits and great combinations! Like it!
    Cool blog, following you!


  7. I love this post! i love Topshop!!!
    I follow you, i like your blog! and i add you to my love bloglist!!!


  8. Thank you for all the positivity!